Published Date : 29th Nov, 2021
Published By : Admin ( Eshaas )

Men and Skincare

It's about time that men should think about skincare. Many may argue that a rugged look is what makes a man stand apart and beauty is reserved for the significant other. The idea of men in a parlour with their eyes covered in cucumber is not a common sight in our country where skincare is still considered a women thing.

However, guys can be put off by the concept of skincare since they still feel it’s way too time-consuming and to some extent complicated. There are ways to keep it quick and simple. It does not have to be an exhaustive ten-step skincare routine. Just a small addition can bring about a significant change in the health and longevity of their skin. Just got to keep in mind there are some key differences between men and women’s skin.

Male and Female Skin:
Some may argue the topic to be completely baseless and does not require a hearing. After all skin is skin, well yes. Physiologically speaking, the skin itself is the same; however there is a slight difference in their structure. The male skin comes with larger pores than their lady counterparts, hence is more vulnerable to impurities and acne. And to make things worse, men naturally have a pretty generous oil gland that fills in into the pores, the concoction of both oil and impurities give way to blackheads, skin conditions and breakouts.

And there is yet another base difference, men have a rather rugged and thick skin than their female counterparts. This is the reason why women are more prone to wrinkles on their skin sooner than men. The thick dermis in men is built on a stronger support structure which ensures lesser visibility of wrinkle in men while they age, this brings us to another key difference: collagen, a protein structure found in the dermis. This key protein structure starts to degrade in men sooner than it does in women. So it’s crucial for men concerned with ageing to start addressing this collagen loss before it becomes visible on the surface in the form of deep wrinkles and loss of volume.

What does basic skincare for men look like?
If you want to take the minimalist approach:

Face wash: Comes under everyday care (oil-based or gel-based) which helps to keep your skin moist throughout the day. This practice helps keep pimples away.

Moisturiser: Apply a moisturizer to go with a trusted brand that does not clog the pores. Use this at least twice a day after a face wash to keep your skin soft and healthy and moisturize your skins natural shield.

SPF: This can be the last of your daily routine. Use it both indoor and outdoor since it shields your skin against the harsh midday sun.
The harmful UV rays can pass through glass windows as well. Hence it is important to wear a sunscreen lotion even while driving a car. An SPF infused cream when applied on all exposed parts of body like neck, face and hands will help prevent skin cancer and ageing.

If you want to step up your skincare game, visit a professional beauty lounge at least once a month. After all, a healthy skin boosts confidence and overall success and it is not rocket science. A few good products off the shelves or a visit to the parlour close by will do the magic your skin longs for. So gentlemen the visit to this page is a good start kudos to you, and for the women out there it’s time you stop the male members of your family from scrubbing their faces with bar soap.